Our Board

Our Board Members


Margot Hunt – President

Marisol Turpen – Vice President

Stefanie Counts – CFO

Kerry Towne – Secretary

Rena Fischer – Event Director

Stephanie Greenlee – Creative Director

Stacy Wolfenberger – Procurement Chair

Jackie Sueyres – Hospitality Chair

Kattie Taylor– Hospitality Co-Chair

Cathy Johnston– Sponsorship Chair

Erin Wilgus – Silent Auction Chair

Sharyn Nolan – Silent Auction Co-Chair

Melissa DeNigris – Silent Auction Co-Chair

Kelly O’Shea – Media Chair

Ashley Huizar – Media Co-Chair

Whitney Delaney – Service Project Chair

Angel Moreno – Historian Co-Chair

Whitney Hunt – Historian Co-Chair

Laura Wiegand – Volunteer/Recruitment Co-Chair

Additional Members

Michelle Anapolsky 

Gina Barsotti 

Aimee Fox 

Chrissy Turpen

Glenda Harris

Dawn Curtis

Lauren Schmitt

Rachel Henderson

Our membership base will have the opportunity to grow based on sponsorship/recommendations of our current founding members.
For more information please contact us at info@pincsacramento.org.