Margot Hunt – President

Marisol Turpen – Vice President

Stefanie Gernert – Treasurer

Rena Fischer – Director of Operations


Dawn Curtis – Sponsorship Chair

Katie Honore – Sponsorship Committee Member

Libby Wickland – Sponsorship Committee Member

Stephanie Greenlee – Creative Committee Chair

Cathy Johnston – Creative Committee Member

Gina Barsotti – Creative Committee Member

Rachel Henderson – Creative Committee Member

Katie Mattesich – Creative Committee Member

Stacy Wolfenberger – Hospitality Chair

Devon Berrier – Hospitality Committee Member

Jackie Sueyres – Procurement Chair

Sharyn Nolan – Procurement Committee Member

Glenda Harris – Marketing Committee Member

Erin Wilgus – Auction Chair

Melissa DeNigris – Auction Committee Co-Chair

Whitney Hunt – Auction Committee Member

Lauren Schmitt – Auction Committee Member

Whitney Delaney – Service Project Chair

Kelsey Khov – Service Project Committee Member

Sarah Deelstra – Service Project Committee Member

Kelly O’Shea – Public Relations Chair

Chrissy Turpen – Public Relations Committee Member

Ashley Huizar – Social Media Chair

Laura Wiegand – Social Media Committee Member

Aimee Fox – Associate Member

Lia Sioukas – Event Operations Member

Our membership base will have the opportunity to grow based on sponsorship/recommendations of our current founding members.
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